• kdeves5

Erasing women: why are "feminists" destroying feminism

In my first piece for The Spectator Australia

"The failure of Roe shows how precarious and fragile women’s rights are, and just how much we must be vigilant of their protection. It is a warning to the women’s movement to be attentive to the corrosive effect of populist ideologies such as gender identity and to remember that for which the women’s movement was imagined. Because however this plays out, the ‘people’ who are losing their rights, are not ‘womb-carriers’, ‘people with vaginas’, or ‘birthing bodies’, it is the daughters and granddaughters of the mothers who conceived and advanced the fight for the ‘old fashioned women’s’ rights. We are forever in their debt, and we owe it to these women to ensure that their legacy is not erased."

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