Bodies Play Sports, Not Gender Identities

The Australian

22 June 2021

We Can't Protect Women's Rights by Denying Biology

Female Pushback Over Trans Sport Rules

Allowing a male-born person to compete against female Olympians excludes women — how could it not?

What is Victoria’s ban on ‘conversion therapy’ actually trying to achieve?

State of Things in Australia with Glinner and Holly Lawford-Smith

Mess We're In Podcast

The Warriors Fighting for Women's Sports

Mess We're In Podcast

When Government Regulates "Gender Identity" with Benjamin Boyce

State Removal of Children Whose Parents Don't Affirm their Gender

IOC effectively banning female only sports by allowing trans athletes to compete

Sky News Outsiders

Supporters of Feminist Academic Intimidated and Harassed at Melbourne Protest

Transinclusive Guide to Breastfeeding

We are kidding ourselves if we think people won't exploit gender identity loophole

Bodies Play Sports not Gender Identities

There Needs to be Transparent Conversation About Transgender Athletes

Sky News Alan Jones 

Save Women's Sports: Beth Stelzer chats with Ro and Kath

Save Women's Sports Podcast

Save Women's Sport Australasia Launch with Beth Stelzer, Coach Linda Blade, Senator Claire Chandler, Ro Edge from NZ and Katherine Deves from Australia

Gender Identity in Australian Law

IWD Brisbane-Meanjin: Conference

Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 (VIC)

SWSA - Katherine presents Nerissa Scott's speech

IWD Brisbane-Meanjin Rally

Save Women's Sport Campaigners wants trans policy scrapped in Australia

Daily Telegraph

Biological Sex in Sydney

The Critic

Opening Women's Sports to mixed sex will be 'exploited by males'

13 August 2021

Australian Perspectives on Transgendering Children - Policy and Practice Implications

Trapped in a Guilded Cage: Women's Rights are Far More Precarious Than We Have Been Lead to Believe

The Critic

Wear it Purple: The Harmful Ideology Targeting Children

Sky News Australia

Gender Laws in Australia (New) Cultural Politics

Women's Sports Advocate Slams Transgender Athletes

2GB with Ben Fordham

Transgender Fighters in Women's MMA leads to the 'bashing and strangling' of women

Sky News with Rita Panahi on Alan Jones

'A complete betrayal': New IOC transgender guidelines 'destroy women's sport'

‘Only a Matter of Time’ Before Trans Women Dominate Women’s Sports, Advocate Says


The Epoch Times by Nina Nguyen

Women's Sport for Women


Triathlete Brick Session with Mark Lives

Kath Deves on Equality, Entitlement, Exclusion with regards to all males vs all female netball

Women's Sport for Women


Triathlete Brick Session with Mark Lives